We are looking for guests that can inspire and motivate our audience to be empowered to overcome and succeed in life.

We believe a good guest should have the following qualities

  • A good story to tell or can inform our audience about a product or service that can benefit them as the strive to thrive.
  • A person who has energy.
  • A person with a positive attitude

Requirements to be a guest

  • Click here to send an email explaining your story, product or service and how it will benefit our audience.  (Be specific.  If you have more than one topic, product, book or service, submit each in a separate application or email)
    • If you have a media one sheet, please attach it in PDF format only.
    • Note: A media one sheet is not necessary to be considered a a guest for our podcast.
  • Must be comfortable with Zoom.
  • Must have a good microphone and able to conduct the interview in a quiet area.
  • Must have either a good Internet connection or a good phone signal (we will interview you by phone if you have a poor Internet connection)
  • Must be willing to share the link to your episode of our podcast on your website and/or to your social media platforms and/or to subscribers to your newsletter when the episode is released.
  • Provide us at least one link we can include in the show notes.
  • Optional a high resolution JPG or PNG file cover of your book, your log or yourself we can share on the video edition of the #DefineYourself Podcast
    • Do not send the JPG or PNG until requested.