Ashley Lyn Olson and

At the age of fourteen, Ashley was traveling in the family car on a highway when the skies suddenly became dark and before anyone know it, a monsoon poured down.

As the road become dangerous to drive on, Ashley’s mom told her and her younger sister that she had a bad feeling and they should put on their seatbelts.

Before putting on her seat belt, Ashley reached down onto the floor to pick something up. that is when the car slid off the road into a ravine while ejecting Ashely through the back window of the car landing feet away from her family.

The car accident took her fathers life and left Ashely a paraplegic, but it did not rob Ashley of her quest for adventure.

Listen to Ashely share her story, stories of some of adventures while traveling in a wheelchair, and how she turned her travels and passion into a business that help others mobility challenged individuals travel the world



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